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Size Guide

Which Size Is Right For My Child?


The Car Seat Poncho is currently available in two sizes: SMALL (6-24 months) and MEDIUM/LARGE (3T-4T). Your child's height (rather than weight) best determines what size to purchase. 

If your child is now shorter than 35 inches, choose the SMALL. The side "points" extend past the wrists and hands -- providing extra warmth without the hassle of gloves or mittens. If your baby is not walking yet, the Small will definitely fit this year and almost definitely next. When your child reaches 35" tall, the bottom tip of the zipper will fall somewhere between the child's knees and ankles. 

If he or she is taller than 35 inches, the MEDIUM/LARGE is the better choice. The cape for the MEDIUM/LARGE is roughly circular, so the hem will go straight across from arm to arm (unlike the Small, where it rises and dips). The bottom of the zipper on this version falls somewhere between the child's knees and upper thigh, and the rounded shape of these panels gives coverage to the hands and body. 

Those in between 34" and 35" can wear either size, allthough a MEDIUM/LARGE would get at least 2 seasons of wear, maybe even more.  The hem of a MEDIUM/LARGE will probably hit close to the ankles of a 34" child.

For a pictorial references of SMALL vs MED/LG ponchos, visit the SLIDESHOW on the main Car Seat Poncho website.